All-In-One SPY - stealths monitoring software

All-In-One Spy runs in invisible mode and is completely undetectable
Includes keylogger, snapshot maker, microphone spy, logs Internet history and more

spy software All-In-One SPY is the program that allows monitoring and recording all actions that are performed with a computer. All-In-One SPY records all keys that were pressed, remembers addresses of Internet pages that were visited, and maintains log file for applications that were run on the computer. It can create screenshots with the specified time period and record sounds from the computer's microphone to a sound file. With All-In-One SPY you can disable certain applications and web site addresses. The program runs in stealth mode and is completely invisible on the computer. The log files with the program work results can be securely transferred to another computer over a local area network or send to a certain address via e-mail. You can configure the program to start automatically every time the computer starts.

Who needs All-In-One SPY::

spy monitoring software More than one person accesses your computer, and you would like to find out what the computer is used for when you are away from it. Simply install All-In-One SPY to the computer you would like to monitor, and you will possess all the information that you need.

microphone spyYou have a need to monitor how your employees use their working hours. All-In-One SPY will provide you with detailed information on all applications that were run on the computer including the start and close time for each of the applications.

snapshot maker You would like to disable some undesirable applications but would not like to remove them from your computer. All-In-One SPY allows disabling such applications at a glance.

application blocker You would like to protect your child from viewing web pages that contain pornography items, brutality or other undesirable materials. All-In-One SPY allows blocking web pages that contain certain keywords.

Why should you use All-In-One SPY?

Often you can come across programs that realize just some part of the possible computer-activity monitoring functionality. For instance, those can be keyloggers or programs maintaining history of visited web pages. All-In-One SPY offers all possible functions in one shell. One of the program's unique features is recording sounds caught by the microphone connected to the computer.

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